Monday, February 7, 2011

Is Your Mobile Device at Risk for a Virus? YES!

It seems that Microsoft, with the help of third party anti-malware software, is finally getting the security level of its software at a level that has forced cyber criminals to focus their efforts to different operating systems to wreak havoc. According to a report from Cisco, a giant in computer connectivity, mobile devices are prime targets (click here to read the article). This includes Apple Computer's iPhone and Google's Android.

Cisco also points out the increasing number of vulnerabilites being found in the Apple operating systems. These systems have been ignored as the cyber criminals have mostly focused on the mainstream Windows computers. But as the Windows vulnerabilities starts to dwindle, criminals are turning their focus to the largely unprotected and unprepared Apple world (many Mac users don't have any anti-malware software installed).

As of today I don't have a recommendation for your mobile device, but will be posting again in the next few weeks after I have had some time to research the topic.